What to visit near Eco House Merisi hotel?

The closest is the high beautiful wild Merisi waterfall, hidden among dense vegetation about 4 km from the hotel. One of the locals built a cable car on which you can ride across the river flowing from the waterfall.

A beautiful small canyon about 6 km from our hotel. In summer you can swim here. You can go down to the water and walk on the big waves. The iron bridges offer spectacular canyon views.

Mineral spring “Gundauri” is located by the road, not far from the iron bridge. In fact, the source itself is located a little higher on a private property, but to be tasted, it was taken out with a hose to the roadway. Now everyone can enjoy this water. The water tastes good, slightly mineralized. If you head towards the canyon, then the hose with water from the source will be on the left side.

The Keda region is famous for its mineral springs. They are often brought out to the roadway, along the way you can notice many taps with drinking water. In addition, even from the tap in our hotel, water flows directly from the bowels of the earth.

Viewpoint near the cross – it offers breathtaking views of the mountains, and the nearby villages and their sites.